Just as white space in design allows our eye to focus on what’s most important, the same holds true in life.

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about the magazine

We all crave a space where we can feel inspired. A place that refreshes our creative soul, gives us room to breathe, and helps us focus on what is most important.

Reading Whitespace Magazine™ is like walking into a beautiful art gallery opening. You freely walk throughout the gallery, wine glass in hand, and experience the show. The atmosphere is casual, fresh and fun. Laughter and warmth fills the space, and the attention to detail is subtle, but powerful. As each artist takes their turn to share their work, viewers feel served and inspired. No feelings of inadequacy or discouragement are felt. You feel simply inspired. Inspired to think and live a new way. Inspired to create a bit differently and try something new. Most importantly, you feel like you've been spoken truth and have witnessed truly original work. You walk out of the gallery feeling like your creative soul has been nourished.

This is our vision for Whitespace Magazine™.

Photo by  Gina Zeidler

Photo by Gina Zeidler


about the creator

Laura Kashner is a Midwest-based Graphic Designer, who calls a beautiful Illinois farm town, home. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Graphic Design in 2009, she began her career in the corporate publishing design world and started her creative freelance journey on the side. Nine years later, she has sent over 125 publications to the press and has worked with dozens of creative small businesses on branding, art direction, photography and in-house graphic design work.

Her simplistic aesthetic is reflected in her love of soaking up the white space in the life she shares with her husband and three girls.