mabel. / Geneseo, IL


“I want people to feel at home and welcome when they walk through my door. I want people to disconnect and enjoy the atmosphere while they search through ultra-curated things from all different generations.”

Ashley Ebert

Mabel. is an occasional shop in Geneseo, Illinois full of vintage finds, clothing, and jewelry. Housed in a 100-year-old building with original floor-to-ceiling windows, the cozy space is inviting and creates an intimate shopping experience for young and old. Being open only one weekend a month allows owner Ashley Ebert the time to fill her shop with truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Her favorite part of what she does is the “hunt.” Ashley scours the Midwest through online listings, phoning leads for estate sales, hunting at flea markets, or casually stumbling upon amazing pieces while out and about—a process that has allowed her to meet some incredible people and hear their stories. Mabel. is full of unique pieces arranged in a beautiful, non-cluttered way, allowing the pieces to tell their own stories.

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