The Creative Process

We reached out to the Whitespace community to tell us about their creative processes.
This piece is inspired by their collective responses.

This story was originally published in Issue Two.

photography by Robin Verrier

photography by Robin Verrier


The creative process is both an enigma and an opportunity.

It might start with an idea or an intuition, but we each determine our own ways to navigate. For some, it’s about finding an emotional story to tell. For others, it’s a cycle of conceive, create, condense, repeat. 

As you approach your next project, your next blank page or canvas—whatever your “next” might be—try to be aware. Embrace the first step. The white space. Find intention and follow through. Think of your process as a structure—build each step off the one before it. 

Always start with your hands and lead with your head and your heart. Revise, then revise again. Seek out the challenges and approach the problems with curiosity. Finish what you start. Act as a translator in turning abstract ideas and emotions into something visual or tangible. 

Greet self doubt like an old friend. You know her well. Let her walk with you, but don’t let her lead. Slow down to point out your creative blocks along the way. Tell her, “every block is another piece of something brilliant I’ve made.” 

Create something that has your fingerprints on it and your pulse within it. Get lost in your zone, wherever it takes you and makes you forget the time or the place. Look up and focus on the horizon, if you can. Find the light that is your “aha” moment and let it guide you to the place where things finally come together.