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Rebecca Mah
Candace Napier Ross of Studio Meroe
Mackenzie Palma
Kristen Beinke Photography
Loft 212 Design
Nicole Yang
Sarah Hone of Honemade Photography
Rosa Pearson Design
Drop Cap Design
Andrea Beaulieu
Robin Verrier of Verry Robin & Co.
Hillary Butler Fine Art



Rebecca mah

travel photography

“As a graphic designer and photographer, travel is always a significant source of inspiration for my work. The following images were taken on a trip to Murano, a small island within the Province of Venice. I find myself returning to these images time and again, not only for the vibrant color palette, but the subtle details too—the textures of peeling paint, the shadows cast against the wall, the hanging fabrics drifting in the breeze.”


candace napier ross of studio meroe


“Founder Jasmine Garnsworthy approached me to develop the visual identity and packaging design for her new natural skincare brand, THE BUFF. Since the launch in late 2016, THE BUFF has been stocked in Urban Outfitters, Riley Rose, and Chillhouse as well as featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Refinery29.”

photography by Frankie Marin


mackenzie palma


“These colorful and fruity cocktails were created to accompany a restaurant and bar branding concept named Cocomango. Cocomango is known for their specialty cocktails and inventive recipes, which are crafted with the highest quality ingredients. The casual, laid-back atmosphere encourages patrons to enjoy the nearby ocean breeze, while the beachy setting and relaxed vibes of the restaurant and bar are reflected in the brand’s visuals. The color palette echoes shades found in the environment, which ranges from a peachy sunset pink to ocean blues. Watercolor elements used throughout the brand portray the fluid motions of the ocean, as well as the rough texture of the sand. The custom cocktail illustrations for the drink menu showcase the care and consideration that goes into each made-to-order drink.”


kristen beinke photography


Kristen Beinke is a lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. She has a love for film, inspiring locations, and natural light.

Wrapped Hoop Earrings Powder 1.jpg

loft 212 Design

brand design

Jennifer Kowal is the principal designer at Loft 212 Design. She is passionate about assisting clients in reaching their dreams and business potential through creative, thoughtful, and beautiful branding and design.

CK I believe in you.jpg

nicole yang

graphic design

“I believe that design and traditional marketing materials work best when they bring joy and liveliness to an experience. When I created business cards and launch mailers for my own business, I wanted a touchpoint that could be bold and eye-catching, while still playful and funny. Working with orange as my favorite color made a basic asset something memorable by opening up so many possibilities to incorporate puns and flat illustration.”


sarah hone of honemade photography

art direction + photography

“Somewhat reminiscent of Magritte, these drinks and dishes take on surrealist qualities. The process to arrive here was a true collaboration between Lisa Woodhouse Cape, a retoucher at OMS Photo, and myself. What started as a casual idea with a tasty cinnamon danish and some square scraps from previous projects, transformed into an unbound and vibrant expression of color and composition.”


rosa pearson design


Rosa is a graphic designer who lives and works just outside of Vancouver, Canada. Her creative work as a logo and brand designer often spills over into random moments of inspiration for personal projects, such as these wool juju hats.


Melissa Selmin_Black Peony_21x30.jpg

drop cap design


Drop Cap Design is a branding studio for the creatively inclined, led by designer Kadie Smith. 


andrea beaulieu

print + packaging design

“One of the areas we love designing for is print + package design—it allows us to be so creative, to really allow our style to shine through. We love mixing collage with botanical elements! When we begin designing a label for a can design, we often use the ingredients as our influence and then ask the client the backstory to that specific brew. When we learn these key pieces, it starts to develop a story and with that story, we begin the creative process.”


robin verrier of verry robin & co.

creative direction

“Photographing and styling impactful imagery for brands is a total dream come true! I love that I get to use my creative talents to create gorgeous photography that a brand can use to represent itself in a gorgeous and unique way. One of my favorite parts about the planning process before any shoot I do is the mood board that I create to help me plan for my upcoming project. I like to group colors, textures, fabrics, imagery, and props together to make sure that the project is heading in the right direction and a mood board is a great, visual way to do that. It’s also nice that during this process, I can omit any props or other pieces that I don’t think work with the aesthetic of the look I’m going for. Weeding them out at this stage is much better than seeing a final image later and feeling sorry. Mood boards are a total life saver and a vital part of the planning process, and honestly, they’re just really pretty!”


hillary butler fine art

fine art

“These pieces were part of a recent weekly series I called ‘Magical Mondays.’ It was so fun to be able to release these a few at a time and hammer them out in real time. I enjoyed experimenting with a different composition and format. This work is always a push and a pull—I pushed on this one and the response was incredible. I’ll be pushing more of these out in 2019.” 

Hillary is honored to have had work on ABC’s hit show, Nashville, and the opportunity to show at Agora Gallery in New York. Several hit blogs have featured some HB work. Among these are Better Homes and Gardens, Domino, & Design Love Fest.