Belle & Union, Co. | San Antonio, Texas


“My favorite part of the shop is from behind our steel frame factory windows—where I can see inside from behind the press as I work. I get to watch customers experience the space, walking up to our card wall where they smile and giggle with each card they read. It’s a little peek into this world that I have created and it fills me with joy.


Belle & Union is both a brick and mortar shop and a working studio, located in sunny San Antonio, Texas. Our writings, wrappings, and wares are 100% US-made. Everything we create is brimming with old-fashioned American wit and wisdom, all hand-illustrated or lettered before being brought to life on our antique presses. Our letterpresses are front and center for people to see and experience how the cards and prints on the wall are made. We are a part of the community as a space for inspiration, where we host workshops and events in various creative fields throughout the year. It’s a fresh take on retail, where customers can really become a part of the story. I want people to feel at home in our space—even though they are experiencing something fresh and new, there is just something about it that is welcoming and comforting to each and every person that walks through our doors. I want them to feel inspired, whether they are interacting with our goods for the first or tenth time, or if they have come in to take part in one of our workshops. Our shop is so much more than just a retail store—it is a gathering place, a place of creativity and community.”

Meg Sutton, Owner

photography by laura alexandra

Issue TwoLaura Kashner