Twenty Two West Studio | Charlotte, North Carolina


“My studio is where I spend most of my time. I’m in here day and night, dreaming up new ideas and creating thousands of pieces. This space is where I feel most like myself—I am happiest here. I get to ship these pieces that I’m making in my studio out to wonderful people, who then bring them into their own spaces. It is beyond rewarding.” 


Twenty Two West is a creative studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I make fiber jewelry and modern art. When I started Twenty Two West, it was out of a deep desire to be a part of the beautiful tradition of making things by hand. Our lives are often filled with things that are mass-produced and my goal is to be in direct contrast to that by creating character-filled, handmade products for my customers and their homes. The moment I walk in the studio door, I feel a rush of anticipation and excitement to create. I love putting in the time and work and watching the pieces come to life in my hands. I start my day with clay and threads and through the process of forming, firing, combing, and weaving, I get to see raw materials transform into finished pieces. I am committed to making high-quality products and preserving traditions in a style that is uniquely Twenty Two West. It’s truly a joy to design pieces that make people smile. My hope is that each piece is a visual reminder of how perfectly wonderful it is to be playful, unique, strong, and kind.”

Mary Hamby, Owner and Artist

photography by Angela Zion

Issue TwoLaura Kashner